This is what we do

Logo and identity design

A great visual identity is one of a business' most important assets. TerraGraphic designs brands which express the unique qualities of your business. All of our designs are original, never canned. We take the time to talk to you to find out all we can about YOUR business. We research your market and your competitors to ensure your identity will give you the market advantage you need. We provide you with guidelines for use of your brand to ensure it is used with continuity throughout all of your material.

We also specialize in updating business identities. Has your business grown, changed path, has you identity become dated? We know how to update without losing the important current visual cues that your clients associate with your business–but we can introduce a new sharpness that will attract new clients.

Print material

At TerraGraphic we started out as print designers and we're experts at designing print collaterals. Brochures, ads, posters, banners, even full-colour magazines cover to cover. We create print materials the same way we do identity design. We learn about your business,clients, and competitors. Then we design original material to give you market advantage. We involve you in our process to ensure the design is to your approval.

Our printer liaising takes the hassle out of printing for you. We have a lot of experience with printers, we know their language. We work only with carefully chosen printers whom we can depend upon to deliver the highest quality at good prices.

Websites and on-line stores

A professional website has become essential for most businesses. A website is the "storefront" a growing number of potential clients see first – before considering actually walking into your physical store. And more and more customers prefer to buy on-line.

We carefully craft websites that not only match your business identity and look good, we create sites that function properly. To ensure traffic we pay a lot of attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Other Stuff: Signage, posters, banners, ads, packaging... etc.

With our many years in the design business, we also have a lot of experience with creating signage, ads, packaging, banners, and too many other things to mention. We know what each of these media can and can't do.

We're prepared to provide your business with a full gamut of coordinated visual material.
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