How we do it: Our process

Designs have personality

All of our designs — whether a logo, business identity program, website, brochure, advertisement... whatever — are carefully created to capture your business' personality and, more importantly, appeal to your clients' personalities. Our designs are a who, not an it.

We work closely with you. We're not done til it's done to your satisfaction.

Our process involves several steps

Developing great design is a science as well as an art. The process to achieve successful design involves a strategic approach to be sure we understand your business and its clients.

Phone Discussion

Our first, brief meeting: We'll discuss what your business is and arrange a time to get together to discuss your needs in detail.


Locally and nationally, what are others in similar businesses doing? What seems to be working for others? Who is your competition? I make sure we won't accidentally duplicate someone else's appearance. I'll have a very basic understanding before our discovery meeting.


The goal of the discovery meeting is to figure out what your business is all about. I want to understand your business. We'll talk about things like:
• What products or services are you providing or promoting?
• What is your business' personality?
• What are your clients like? Who are your potential clients?


Then I go away to create. Putting pencil to paper, and hand to mouse, I spend time developing a concept that communicates your business to your customers: colours and image that will appeal to your customers, new customers, and help create business success.

Review & Refine
Aproval & Production

It's time to work together again. Just because I think the design is ready doesn't mean you do. You know more about your business than I do. Together we'll review the concept and discuss how it works for your business and how it can be improved or changed. Suggestions from this discussion are then be used to refine the design before bringing it back to you for another review. If necessary, this step may repeat a few times until we get it just right.

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