Portfolio – Just a few of our favourites
Portfolio - OLS

On Line Support
On Line Support is an inbound technical support call centre. OLS came to TerraGraphic looking for posters and ads to use in their national recruiting campaign. Our approach was to emphasize their reputation as a friendly work place, their great employee benefits and the opportunity to make a difference by providing excellent customer support.

Portfolio - LaBounty Plumbing

LaBounty Plumbing and Heating
A young, aggressive, very professional competitor in the local plumbing business, LaBounty needed identity design to give them that professional look they deserved plus an image of being established. You'll note by the look of the truck, they are a busy outfit!

Portfolio - Riversong

Riversong Agriharmonics
Riversong is a growing manufacturer/distributor of natural and organic herb-based cosmetics. TerraGraphic developed their secure, easy to use on-line store.

Portfolio - South Africa Sings

South Africa Sings Tour
Friends of South Africa Performing arts asked TerraGraphic to design posters, programs, brochures, and CD packages for the Coral Society tour of Eastern Canada.

Portfolio - ICR

I.C.R. Air
I.C.R. is an air conditioning maintenance and repair specialist. Already established, they had no business identity. Their request was simply, "We're professional tradesmen, we just want to look professional too." We, never the less, treated the job as seriously as treat all others.

Portfolio - Kings County Choppers

Kings County Choppers
We love classic typography so when KC Choppers asked us to do a "retro logo with a taste of Orange County" we immediately saw the possibilities and went to work!

Portfolio - Acadia Bulletin

Acadia Bulletin
TerraGraphic designed these 40 page full-colour alumni magazines cover to cover along with managing production.

Portfolio - Epic Industries

Epic Industries
Epic is one of the largest cabinet door manufacturers in Western Canada, shipping doors to contractors and cabinet manufacturers across Canada and the US. TerraGraphic undertook the complete redesign of their catalogues and their website "catalogue," moving their image from cool and architectural to warm and artistic. Although the website has over 35 pages and 700 photos, it is easy to navigate and very responsive. Busy before these extensive updates to their promotionals, at last report Epic was "smokin' busy."

Portfolio - ATF

Atlantic Theatre Festival
The Atlantic Theatre Festival was a popular, Stratford-style Summer theatre in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. TerraGraphic created an identity that spoke to the region and was strengthened by a logo that translated directly to signage.

Portfolio - Greenwood Mall

Greenwood Mall
One of the busiest shopping malls in Nova Scotia, Greenwood is fashion conscious but family oriented. We've created an attractive and friendly site which receives an enormous number of hits each month.

Portfolio - Pacific Art Stone

Pacific Art Stone
Pacific Art Stone is a Vancouver supplier of cultured building stone. Pacific came to us looking for a significant improvement upon a catalogue produced for them in China. We developed the tag line "Design your Future" and gave the catalogue a truly artistic and beautiful look based on great photography of beautiful homes built with their stone.

Portfolio - Affordable Freight

Affordable Freight
Offering a "Higher level of service" to its freight customers, Affordable Freight asked TerraGraphic to produce a business identity and website that would elevate the company in appearance above their more ordinary competition. The site offers several convenient calculators and a lot of information for customers and potential customers as well as a portal to their freight booking and tracking system.

Portfolio - Summit Gourmet Meats

Summit Gourmet Meats
TerraGraphic plays well with other design related businesses. Summit asked us to design their print materials, such as business cards, thank-you postcards, and gift certificates while another outfit handled their website. Both are very well done – or is it medium rare? – in either case, they coordinate well.

Portfolio - Cosman & Whidden Honey

Cosman & Whidden Honey
Cosman and Whidden is the largest apiarist in the Atlantic Provinces, selling honey in stores across the region. We created packaging with a friendly appearance, but a bee-yellow colour that hints at the sweetness inside.